2012 now on PC at Desura.com

Finally, Gliese Games is proud to announce the release of 2012 on the PC. At the moment, our game is in delay for its demo, but the full version was accepted by Desura and is up for grabs for $2.99. You’ll just need to download and install Desura before you can play the game.

For you PC Gamers, just head this way: http://www.desura.com/games/2012


It looks like the new Arcade mode did get the positive feedback we were hoping for, it’s really too bad we didn’t implement it in the first place! But we thank those who have enjoyed the add-on. In other news, we’ve received some great feedback from some websites for our game, and are still expecting more to come soon. Check out the following links for our reviews!

Short and Sweet Reviews (Rated: 8.5/10)
Gamer Headquarters (Rated: 8.0/10)
The Play Vault
Examiner.com (Alexander Hinkley) (Rated: 3/5)
Press Start news.com (Rated: 3.5/5)
Xbox Edge (Rated: 3/5)

Expect some more! We’ll probably just edit this website with reviews as we receive them. Thanks everyone!

Patch is online!

The patch for 2012 has been uploaded and should require everyone to download it if you’ve already purchased the game. For anyone who hasn’t already downloaded the game, you’ll have it as you download it for the first time.

The patch inludes:

* A new arcade mode, where you can select the number of zombies, the amount of time, and the difficulty of the zombies. You’re given a 2×4 and bow to begin with, but must unlock more weapons in the main story line to use them in the arcade mode.
* A fix that allowed players to have more than one 2×4/bow
* A fix that would load a screen full of tiles when the player tried loading their saved game after a death
* Some speech changes to help guide the new players to 2012


Update for 2012

We would like to let everyone know that we are currently working around the clock to get an update for 2012 on the Xbox 360. The patch will contain fixes for some bugs found on the release along with a new feature for people to just kill zombies without having to interact with the story (an arcade mode). As a side note, we’re currently testing installers for the PC and are doing our best to get the game released for the PC. We have some game publisher’s on our list we will try to release under, so for you PC gamers, just a little more time!!

If you have any questions about the game or found a bug that you would like to report, please contact us at support@gliesegames.com

We are LIVE!!

After much review, 2012 has been accepted for Xbox Live Indie Games. We are still in the works for getting the game sent to a PC publisher, but for those who have Xbox 360’s, you can get to play the full version! The game is 240 Microsoft points, which is the minimum we can make it for the size of the game, so go get it as soon as possible and don’t forget to rate it!!

Oh, and here’s a link to the Xbox.com store to get a trial, or purchase, 2012: 2012

As a side note, we’d like to let everyone know that you can win a free copy of 2012 from Original-Gamer.com, who is currently having a contest. Don’t miss out on it!! Link: original-gamer.com

The San-Japan Weekend

We want to thank all those who tried out the 2012 competition and enjoyed the game that we have been working so hard on. Each person had a total of 2 tries at two minutes to kill as many zombies as they possibly could. We had a nice crowd lining up to try out the game, and although we didn’t have the chance to grab a photo of the entire large crowd, we did get some pictures of the players who tried out the game.

Congratulations to the first place winner, Efrain from San Antonio, who scored a whopping 41 points! He won a 20×24 poster of the game cover art, along with a free code to 2012 when it is released and a console game of his choice.

We had a tie for two second place winners and allowed them both to take the prize of a console game of their choice along with a code for 2012 when it is released. Those winners were both Angel and Alex, both from San Antonio, who both scored a large amount of 38 points. Congratulations to them as well!

2012 was given excellent feedback from many people who played and also from those who simply watched others play the game. We’re glad to know that it was enjoyable among so many and we hope that, because of this, we’ll be able to get the name out on this game and develop many more fun games in the future.

San Japan News

For those of you who will be seeing us at San Japan, we’ll be hosting our gameplay demo at the Original Gamer table. They will also be hosting a Video Game Jeopardy event for anyone interested, as you can find located here: Original-Gamer.com

Prizes include some free games and even a 20×24 poster of 2012 in a frame, so make sure to be there!!